Friday, 18 January 2008

Day 92 - 18th January 2008

Woop - i'm signed off from the orthapaedic clinic and shall be starting physio next friday at clifton hospital in lytham!

the doc said i could start doing some exercise to strengthen my calf again, plenty of stretching. No twisting or pivotting sports for another 2/3 months tho. Very impressed with my progess and didn't think the physio would need to do a lot with me.

i'm getting there, finally - it's been 13 weeks. i can start driving again now, but need to build up the miles to get used to my commute distance again.

hopefully with physio i'll be able to get rid of the limp and start jogging / running again.. can't wait to get back on court again!

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Dennis said...

Coops, I hope you've made a full recovery. Thanks for your blog. It was informative.
I completely ruptured my achilles tendon 2 days ago playing basketball. I'll probably be having surgery this coming week. Sigh! I'll post pictures throughout this ordeal as well.

I've started to write about my experiences too. Please take a look