Sunday, 30 December 2007

Day 71 28th December 2007

Hi all, a week after coming out of plaster - things are looking a lot cleaner.. all that horrible dead skin scrubbed off - scar is still a mess - think i underestimated how long it was going to take to heal. there was me sort of thinking i'd come out of plaster and be ready to hit physio. not a chance.. plus points of the week - i've ditched the crutch completely - feel totally comfortable pushing myself to walk a bit - but overdoing it makes my ankle swell hideously. the stretching / mobility exercises are going well - altho i feel like i'd hit a bit of a dead end now and can't get it to go any further without scaring myself so i'm just going to carry on as the doc said and see how is goes over the next three weeks. more pics next friday. Have a happy new year everybody.

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KalBarKid said...

I just found your blog and your account of your achilles woes. I also ruptured my achilles tendon (on Nov 14, 2007) and had it surgically repaired. I was 4 weeks in a fiberglass cast and now 4 weeks in a cast-boot. I am still on crutches and have considerable swelling - but I think it is healing.
It is nice to know that others have "walked" this trail too. I'm just a little behind you!
All the best!