Sunday, 30 December 2007

Day 71 28th December 2007

Hi all, a week after coming out of plaster - things are looking a lot cleaner.. all that horrible dead skin scrubbed off - scar is still a mess - think i underestimated how long it was going to take to heal. there was me sort of thinking i'd come out of plaster and be ready to hit physio. not a chance.. plus points of the week - i've ditched the crutch completely - feel totally comfortable pushing myself to walk a bit - but overdoing it makes my ankle swell hideously. the stretching / mobility exercises are going well - altho i feel like i'd hit a bit of a dead end now and can't get it to go any further without scaring myself so i'm just going to carry on as the doc said and see how is goes over the next three weeks. more pics next friday. Have a happy new year everybody.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Day 64 - 21st December 2007

Finally out of plaster.. still looks a right mess... still cant put any weight through the ball of my foot.. i've got 4 weeks of regular stretching to try and get my achilles to a decent length and to let the scar heal up properly too.

my entire foot is yellow where the dead skin has built up - gross! nothing a bit of scrubbing won't get rid of.

I'll put a new pick on next week after xmas. Merry Xmas everybody. Have a good one.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Day 50 7th December 2007

Final plaster swap today - wound is looking possibly its most gruesome - with some pretty colors and scabbing coming out.. Doc is well impressed at how much i can get my toes up.

i'm pretty disgusted at the state of teh bottom of my foot - i've never seen so much dead skin come off.. huge chunks ... yuck...

Even better news tho - i can start putting some weight through it - i've got a giant shoe! and the cast is a more sensible purple today - none of these daft pastel colors of earlier weeks.. woop!

back in two weeks for the big day - final cast removal!!!