Sunday, 10 February 2008

Day 115 - February 10th 2008

Well - it's been just over 16 weeks... i'm gonna finally rejoin the office on wednesday - by which time i'll be a day short of 17 weeks since i had my accident..

i've seen the physio for 3 sessions up to now.. he seems pretty pleased... and he's moved me on to differnet physio for more advanced exercises... something about throwing a ball at me while i'm trying to balance on the wobble board!! i find it hard enough as it is :D:D and agility ladder exercises - god knows if i'll still be able to do that.

He sounded pretty positive - and i'm managing to do some really small calf raises on the bad leg on it's own now - but it's incredibly hard..

it'll be nice to get back to work and settle into the routine again :D