Sunday, 10 February 2008

Day 115 - February 10th 2008

Well - it's been just over 16 weeks... i'm gonna finally rejoin the office on wednesday - by which time i'll be a day short of 17 weeks since i had my accident..

i've seen the physio for 3 sessions up to now.. he seems pretty pleased... and he's moved me on to differnet physio for more advanced exercises... something about throwing a ball at me while i'm trying to balance on the wobble board!! i find it hard enough as it is :D:D and agility ladder exercises - god knows if i'll still be able to do that.

He sounded pretty positive - and i'm managing to do some really small calf raises on the bad leg on it's own now - but it's incredibly hard..

it'll be nice to get back to work and settle into the routine again :D


Dennis said...

Hi there Big Coops,

Good to hear that your recovery is going well. Physical therapy sessions.., I am not looking forward to that.

I ruptured (fully tore) my achilles tendon playing basketball on 02/08/2008.

After the surgery, I googled to find other people who are recovering from their achilles injury as well, and I found lots of blogs here and there, including yours.

It’s been helpful reading about other people’s experiences with the same injury, especially those further along on the road to recovery. It’s good to know that I am not the only one making sure to keep my leg elevated, using a shower chair, and limping around on crutches.

I’ve created a community site so that people who injure their achilles tendon can create their own blogs and share their experiences as they progress toward full recovery.

My AchillesBlog is:

You can create your own there too, feel free to test it out.

I’ve also been gathering and posting a list of external blogs related to achilles injury here, as well as other useful resources. If you find some other good links, feel free to email them to me, and I’ll add to the list.

Thanks for your site, it's been helpful reading it.


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