Friday, 26 October 2007

Day 8 - 26th October 2007

So - 8 days in.. time to go back to the consultant for him to take a look. Dr. Tony Helm is his name - a young guy - probably less than 10 years older than me. he took me through the options which are basically operate - or jut let it heal - if i just let it heal the re-rupture rate is 15%, if they operate it's just 2 or 3%. We agreed that given my sports background operating was clearly the best choice. and once he checked my leg again and confirmed that i have a total rupture operating was the best thing to do. So he marked up my leg (just so he doesn't get confused) and booked me in or next tuesday. I've got a new plaster which will be replaced again after the operation - but it's only up to the knee - a week of no bending and now i've got it back!!. The most disturbing part of today was how stiff my leg was after just a week, and how much muscle i've already lost off my leg. xmas could be very disappointing when i finally discover how weak my leg will have become. Roll on tuesday.

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