Friday, 19 October 2007

Day 1 - Pop, Ouch, bye bye season.

I've never really blogged before - but the thought of being stuck at home after the events of tonight made me think it was a good idea, and that my experience could benefit other people. So here goes.

October 18th 2007
After a meeting about the BADBA website i'd stopped off at the Ship and Royal in Lytham to visit the little boys room. Relieved i left turned the corner and broke into a light jog back to the car. 5 yds to go I hear a Pop! and the next step sends me hopping... can't put any weight through my right foot. i fall into the car rubbing my calf grimacing... this certainly doesn't feel like an ankle sprain..

I try to move my foot back and forward. it moves a little, but it's incredibly difficult
I run my hand down my Achilles and there's a noticeable gap... I kiss the season goodbye.. and start working out who to call first..

i call my brother and explain the situation. Mum is away with work, dad is in the pub and so is my other brother. I tell graham to call alan and see if he can come get the car.
Next i phone Liz my girlfriend and straight away she wants to come to my aid (what a star!) so she picks graham up and about 40 minutes later they turn up.

my leg is now giving my some realy grief.. we pick up some frozen peas and my crutches and head for preston royal.

eventually we get seen my a doctor and she confirms my suspicions.. i've ruptured my achilles tendon - completely.. and she sends for the orthapaedic doctor to take a look and decide on a course of action.

he arrives shortly and agrees that my achilles is ruptured, but that i may have some left but probably not a great deal. i'll be in plaster for up to a week and then back in clinic for them to asses and for me to have a chat with the consultant about my options which are basically to have an operation or just let it heal naturally.

charge nurse is along shortly to put my temporary cast on.. and with 15 minutes i'm all plastered - all beit now with no trousers on.. good thing it was late at night.not to may people to hop past on my crutches.

now i'm sure if i'd not be a 6 foot plus lad getting into the car would have been easy -even if i cant bend my leg.. but unfortunaly i'm a lanky effort so the front seat was out - has to clamber inthe back of the 3 door peugot 206 - nightmare.. defintely won't be doing that very often..

needless to say liz dropped me off and i settled down to sleep on the couch (since my room is up the loft ladders!) with surprising ease

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