Friday, 9 November 2007

Day 22 - 9th November 2007

sheesh... 2 weeks after the op... just over 3 weeks since my little accident and i've lost half my right leg (perhaps a slight exaggeration) - the left leg is beefed up from all the hopping..

Parking at preson royal was a nightmare.. ended up having to hop way to far..

booked in and was straight through to the plaster room, no sooner had i sat down than the technician shouted not to.
plaster off and straight into the treatment room - bit of a wait for the student nurse to come and torture me..
first by tearing the dressing off - equivalent to waxing the back of my leg..
then by taking my stitches out.. her mentor was a bit rough.. but once the student got the idea it was far better - no yanking the damn things out..

so stitches out and cleaned up a bit.. doc said it looked okay.. so back to the plaster tech for a new one...

after two red plasters a change of colour was required.. shame they only had pink.. definitely no pictures of that.

more pictures in two weeks.. back to my couch now..
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